Design of 3 rooms apartment in Trencin for a young family



INTERIOSTUDIO   got a request for the design and complete realization of 3 rooms apartment in Trenčín. As the apartment was in not a liveable state, complete reconstruction was necessary. Reconstruction included the change of water pipes, electricity, new floor and door instalation.  The appartment looked closed, kitchen was separated from the living room and the layout of the appartment did not suit client´s needs.

At first, complete project documentation for the water pipes changes, electricity changes, etc. was needed to be prepared. However, the idea of clients about their thoughts for design, furniture and the complete layout o the apartment, needed to be taken into account at this stage as well. Due to this fact, complete project documentation with the realistic visualizations of their future dream house was provided to clients before the work on the apartment has had began.

Once the project was confirmed by the clients, work could begin. Firstly, layout of the apartment needed changed and therefore a wall separating kitchen from living was demolished, which resulted in nice open space. The entrance door was moved, in order to prepare the hall space for the custom-made furniture with needed depth. Once the works on the layout of the apartment were finalized, changes in water pipes, electricity, according to our project documentation, took place and in parallel to these actions, reconstruction of bathroom and restroom also took place. Similarly, based on our project documentation, tiling works were done. Once the "rough work" was done, laying of the floor could begin. For this, client requested to have a wooden rustic oak parquet laid in a form of a tree. Laying the floor in this way is quite difficult, so a skilled craftsman was needed to be found for this kind of work. Fortunately, we were able to find and hire Brúsenie parkiet Kopunec company based in Trenčín, and we need to say, we could not do better. Wooden rustic oak floor was the main request from the very beginning which gave us the direction, how the overall design of the apartment will look like. Once the entrance and indoor doors were installed, walls were painted and blinds were installed, apartment was ready for the assembly of the custom-made furniture.

Furniture was custom-made by company S.O.G. WOOD v Trenčíne. As is customary for our interior studio, all the manufacturing drawing was prepared by us.

Design and complete realization of the project of this scale took 3 months. In next 6 months, the apartment was ready to be moved in.

The apartment is located in an old brick house, which gave us the opportunity to expose the brick walls in two rooms of the apartment and therefore meet the client´s requirements about the overall design of the apartment. Exposed brick walls together with the wooden rustic parquet floor gave the design clear direction - INDUSTRIAL STYLE.  Part of the apartment nicely fitting in the industrial style design, were original cast iron radiators which only needed to be repaired and re-sprayed. For this industrial style design, we chose the radiators to be in bold black color. Black color is seen on most of the interior equipment: lamps, switches and sockets LIVOLO, faucets and many others. Overall, this decision has beautifully linked the apartment together. 

In order to ease the general impression of the apartment, we tried to get a lot of wood into the interior. Solid oak wood can be seen on the dining table, windowsill, TV locker and dresser in master bedroom. Also, door handles used on wardrobe in entrance hall as well as the lamellas wall, are made of solid oak wood. Wood decor OAK ENDgrain K5414 RO/RO in combination with trendy matt material PerfectSense MDF U961/ST9 Graphite – grey, were used on all custom-made furniture. Custom-made furniture is of the best quality and all the forging is made by Blum company. Forging used in storage spaces in kitchen were made by company Kesseböhmer. Furniture is complemented by steel structures in black color. Steel base of the dining table is  custom-made by a Slovak company La Ferra .

90 m2